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The NAACP, the Premier Civil Rights organization
in  the United States, has been a leading force for equality.

From its inception in 1909 until today the NAACP continues to push
forward in political, economic, and social issues.

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links on the right column.

Martin Luther King, Jr. – (1929 – 1968); Religious and civil rights leader
John Lewis – (1921 – ); Civil rights leader, U.S. Congressional Representative
Jackie Robinson – (1919 – 1972); Integrated major league baseball

Thurgood Marshall – (1908 – 1993); U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Shirley Chisholm – (1924 – 2005); U.S. Congressional Representative

Frederick Douglas – (1818 – 1895); One-time slave, statesman, civil rights leader
Malcolm X – (1925 – 1965); Human rights activist

- Information from Encyclopedia Brittannica

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